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We all love you!

Gov. Jeanne S.NH Governor, Jeanne Shaheen, has declared your 80th birthday to be Mary Louise Hancock day in your honor.


Al G. & MLHPresident (to be) Al Gore loves you!

President Bill loves you too! MLH & Bill C.

Vice President Walter Mondale Walter Mondale

Jimmy Carter President Jimmy Carter

Jesse & MLH
Al Gore - Michael Dukakis

Democratic Presidential Candidates all love you, and it seems they always have!

Richard Gephardt - Gary Hart - Paul Simon - Jesse Jackson

Hugh Gallen still loves you forever! Gov. "Huge"          Alice Cosgrove Alice Cosgrove - your pal!

Jean Hennessey = great admirer!

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Bugs Love you... "Flattering Senate Approval. The ladybug, sometimes called the ladybird, was given flattering Senate endorsement. Senator Mary Louise Hancock of Concord became a prime sponsor in the upper branch, as Mrs. Johnson won the support of the New Hampshire Federation of Garden Clubs for the ladybug."

The Granite State Geoligists love you: "Mary Louise Hancock, who was Planning Director of the NH State Planning and Development Commission, later a state senator, who worked with the community of academic and professional geologists, greatly facilitating the publication of the maps and quadrangle reports by the state."

But! There is somebody who will never love you though. You won though, you've outlived Bill Loeb by a country mile!