Jeanne Shaheen, Governor

A Proclamation

Mary Louise Hancock Day

July 5, 2000

Whereas Mary Louise Hancock, native of New Hampshire, has provided extraordinary service to her state, her country, and her community;

Whereas Mary Louise Hancock successfully defended the New Hampshire Constitution by bringing suit against a New Hampshire governor for the arbitrary use of power;

Whereas said governor then appointed Mary Louise Hancock as the State Planning Director where she served for sixteen years as the courageous champion of New Hampshire's environment and natural resources;

Whereas Mary Louise Hancock was elected by her fellow citizens to the Concord School Board and the New Hampshire Senate where her assiduous attention and devotion to the public weal was unwavering, though at times she simultaneously tested aeronautical principles by designing and launching paper airplanes;

Whereas Mary Louise Hancock has served her alma mater and the University System of New Hampshire as a faithful trustee;

Whereas Mary Louise Hancock has been a leader on the governing boards of the N.H. Council for the Humanities, the Concord Hospital, the N.H. Commission on the Status of Women, the N.H. Audubon Society and countless other charitable and governmental boards;

Whereas Mary Louise Hancock is visited by every self-respecting candidate in every New Hampshire Democratic Presidential Primary;

Whereas Mary Louise Hancock's proudest moment came on the evening of Governor Hugh Gallen's Inauguration when she re-established a cherished New Hampshire tradition by lighting the state's golden capitol dome, symbolized for her the dignity and majesty of democratic government;

Therefore, I, Jeanne Shaheen, Governor of New Hampshire, hereby proclaim the 80th anniversary of her birth, the fifth day of July in the year 2000, to be Mary Louise Hancock Day