John HancockMary Louise Hancock was born in Franklin, NH July 5, 1920, the daughter of Herbert and Amanda (Lambert) Hancock. She comes from a long line of patriots. Descended from, John Hancock one of our most famous founding fathers, she is also descended from the branch of the family that were Tory loyalists, during the revolution, and fled to live in New Brunswick, Canada, where Mary Louise still owns a summer house.

Her New Hampshire ancestry dates back to 1623 and John Hancock. The oldest part of her house, on 33 Washington Street, was built in 1816, the floorboards in her living room were pounded in with square-headed nails. The house has been in her family for about 65 years.

The World-Wide HANCOCK PROJECT includes Wills, Marriages, Census records, etc.

George Hancock, related to the family of former state senator Mary Louise Hancock of Concord, died in the 1940s or '50s. In this region, he was ahead of his time. A few summer homes were built near the lake's west shore, off Lake View Drive. After World War II all buildings on or near the lake were taken over by the city and removed, to enhance protection of the lake. It has been Concord's water supply since 1873.